#1. Our edge

PUG Asia has been closely associated with the India-Israel business in last over five years. We strongly believe that Post Covid scenario could provide a fertile ground and increased opportunities for companies from the two countries to grow their businesses. This belief is based on some of the emerging trends such as de globalization; turmoil in Europe leading to significant economic down turn over mid to long term; likely diversification of supply chains; increased realization for the need of advanced technology in almost all key aspects from health care, IoT to security.

One of the ways by which we want to make a contribution to a quick turnaround of businesses and there by the economies in Post Covid scenario is by providing our expertise and insight on a no initial cost basis to select companies from Israel and India seeking to initiate, expand or grow the business between the two countries. We believe this initiative could lead to enhanced cooperation and business between the two countries, help select companies assess the need gap and opportunity which may arise for increased business, evolve strategies to continue to keep on the ground engagement with customers in view of disruption due to international travel restrictions.

#2. Our Proposition

In these uncertain times when firms re look at their strategies and options to enhance and protect business while keeping Marketing & Business Development costs under control, we can help you on No Initial Cost basis by:

Identifying at a broad level the India opportunity & current challenges – answer basic question such as

  • Is India the market for you?
  • Are your products and Services fit into what the market needs and is not available locally?
  • The current challenge – do you have boots on ground to continue activity?

 Building a broad strategy for approach to the market

  • How could you make your first move?
  • What could you do differently in case you have tried but not succeeded?
  • Business Continuity – if travel disrupted how could you continue your build/grow activity

Leverage our insight & local presence for your success