World Class Solution to Neutralize Threats to IT and OT Assets


With increased digitization and automation, the threat of cyber security has increased manifold. While companies operating in banking and finance have been victims of some of the vicious attacks and hence have had significant spend on this, there is now an increased awareness that automation especially in sectors like Transportation, Energy, Infrastructure is also of concern from cyber security threats thereby posing significant national threat.

We have partnered with a large global system integrator having extensive track record in design, engineering, implementation and operation of enterprise cyber security defense systems, solutions and products. This includes National and Enterprise level CERT and SOCs. Through this partnership we are able to offer our customers both public and private tailor made cyber defense/security solution for both IT and OT (SCADAS, PLC) based systems.


JVs, Technology Transfer and M&A

We have proven track record of successfully executing several cross border JVs, Technology Transfer & M&A transactions.

Project & Program Local Partnership

We have partnered successfully with mid sized and large system integrators, technology providers and EPC contractors for specific program/project.

Building Distribution & Sales Network

For large markets like India the challenge for international companies is to build credible and sustainable sales and distribution channels to fully exploit the market potential.