Homeland Security

Intelligent Solutions

Homeland Security

In partnership with world’s leading System Integrator we provide a platform for our public sector customer which combines intelligence gathering tools with large suite of Analytics and Predictive capability. The system can be used both by Federal and State Police and Intelligence agencies to significantly enhance their capabilities in neutralizing various threats posed by terrorism, and organized crime etc.

We also offer various other bespoke solutions and products for application in advanced perimeter security, forensic analysis and marine intelligence.


JVs, Technology Transfer and M&A

We have proven track record of successfully executing several cross border JVs, Technology Transfer & M&A transactions.

Project & Program Local Partnership

We have partnered successfully with mid sized and large system integrators, technology providers and EPC contractors for specific program/project.

Building Distribution & Sales Network

For large markets like India the challenge for international companies is to build credible and sustainable sales and distribution channels to fully exploit the market potential.